About Us

Bodi, Mind and Soul

Here’s the truth about leading an active lifestyle: it can be a drag. Why would you leave the comfort of your cozy bed to put yourself through a torture chamber called the gym? And counting calories? Don’t even get us started on that. Brunches before crunches, right? Maybe we’ve just been going about it the wrong way. Telling you that, fitness is not for the weak of mind. That fitness is serious business. That fitness is a chore. Maybe we need to change the story. Fitness needs to be about freeing ourselves from pressure and doing what's right for the body, mind and soul. Bodilingo wants to be a part of this journey in your life. We want to be the voice of your moms and bffs who drag you to change into an uplifting outfit to fix a blue mood. Our designs are therefore geared to bring excitement, joy and personality to an otherwise dull idea of exercise. Whether you are an Olympic gymnast or the biggest fan of fries, we’ve got you.

Activewear - Sweat/Strut

We live in a more self-aware and individualistic time where fitness means different things to different people. It could mean finishing a marathon in record time or becoming flexible enough to touch your own feet or simply choosing to walk instead of using the car. We are creating women's workout clothes for all kinds of intensity while infusing them with fashion so that you still look like you put thought into how you dress. So whether you are running to drop your kids off to school or try to get your fist headstand right or simply going window shopping with friends, we’ve got you covered. Find out more about our Fabric and Tech.


We understand your need to touch and feel and do pulse-lunges before you make up your mind about us. So we made a flexible exchange and return policy for you, although we’re pretty certain you’ll never use it. Check out our return policy